Critical Ratios

I was reading Dave Kurlan’s latest Baseline Selling Tip and it got me thinking…………

(Don’t skip ahead. Go read the tip. Then read the rest of this post.)

Do you know how many calls you made last month (or year) and how many of them became first base meetings? How many of them converted to prospects? How many qualified? How many closed?

If you don’t know where you’ve been, how can you predict where you’re going?

I’ve been trying to figure out how to end this post for five minutes and I’ve got nothing.

How would you end it?

3 thoughts on “Critical Ratios

  1. first: Kurlan’s post was very intriguing. I have always liked the numbers crunch. Remember my stories about Pitney Bowes training: to stop you from getting frustrated by “no” they stressed that for every 10 cold calls, 3 would seem interested and one would become a customer. I’d try like hell to get the “nos” out of the way!!….lol. As far as your closing your post… Two sentences earlier said it all!!

  2. If one is committed to achieving a plan, they’ll take calling seriously and keep track. If one is calling out of a sense of duty, see’s the process as a necessary evil to keep others off their back, there’ll not likely be tracking.

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