Would you buy from you?

Have you seen the LendingTree.com commercial. It starts off with Karen sitting in front of a desk with a guy in a suit sitting behind it. (Apparently, they’re in a bank.) Karen says, “I just wanted you to know that I was going with Lending Tree.” He asks, “Why?” and she goes into a list of benefits that justify her purchase.

The final exchange goes like this.

Him: “But Karen, you work here!”

Karen: “Awkward, isn’t it?”

That got me thinking…..”Would you buy your solution from you and/or your company?”

Don’t give a ‘knee-jerk’, “Yes.” Think about it.

Are you the cheapest? Do you deserve to be because you have the crappiest solution?

Are you the most expensive? Are you overpriced? What causes you to be pricey?

Are you

  • the most complex? simplest?

  • the most comprehensive? basic?

  • the most leading edge? old-fashioned?

How’s your service department? Are they they busiest because your solution has so many issues? or lonely because there’s never any issues?

Is your company not profitable and going out of business?

There are many other questions, but the bottom line questions are:

Knowing what you know, if you were your prospect, would you buy from you?


If your customer knew what you know, would they buy from you?

Can you sell the truth and will your prospect buy it?

If you can’t but you want to, contact me.

10 thoughts on “Would you buy from you?

  1. Bottom line answers, after thinking about them (as instructed): “Probably,” and “yes.” If I were my prospect, I would PROBABLY buy from me. If our prospects knew what we know, I believe they WOULD buy from us. As we have gotten better at understanding the REAL problem we are solving for the prospect, without assuming too much, we have increased the probability that our proposed solution will match the prospect’s perceived need. At the same time, we have worked to be better at making sure that the prospect sees the same problem in the same way that we do, and vice versa. This makes it almost certain that our solution truly solves the problem the prospect perceives, making it very easy for them to buy from us. We are neither cheap, basic, simple, nor old-fashioned, but we make every effort to be fair in establishing the value of the solutions we provide. When we do all of this well, we are selling the truth, and our prospects become our customers.

  2. Rob,I’m getting used to your comments. Always thoughtful and on point, backed up by experience.Perhaps we should have you pick a topic and guest post?

  3. I love Rob’s answer. The answer for me is “yes”. I bet most salespeople and small business owners that sell higher level stuff (eg sales training, online marketing, recruiting, etc) don’t even know what their clients true challenges are. I lost a deal today to a competitor because our solution wasn’t “simple enough” even though our solution would add more to his bottomline. I could have made it simpler for him if I had asked the right questions. My company could make it simpler for him if we tailored our service to his needs. If I put it in terms of my clients needs, I’ve had clients come on board so I could help them with online marketing for many reasons that I would not have thought about until asking, such as: 1. I lose money if my salespeople don’t have leads to work or my crew doesn’t have a job to work. 2. I’m launching a new product and I need to refocus my website on that. I am going to spend a lot of money developing this product. If my website doesn’t sell it, I am going to lose a lot of money. When I figure out these problems, it becomes easier for me to help my clients justify an investment in time and money to make my solutions work for them. Or it makes it easier for me to determine whether my solution might not help them. Either way, like Rob says, it’s about establishing the value. If competitors offer more value or address your prospect’s needs better, you don’t deserve the business. All that said, if someone needs the simple, basic old fashioned way of generating leads online, I don’t think I can help them.

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  9. Most of the time,Long Evening Dress, the Groom has nothing to do with the planning of his wedding. Most of the time the bride, her best friends,For Sale Floor Length Zipper Up Strapless Wedding Dress Amazing, sister and mother will do most of the planning for the wedding leaving only the matter of the grooms Tuxedo up to the Groom.
    You may be thinking that this is the way you want your wedding to be done, but in the end this way will usually be worse on you then if you did the entire wedding yourself.
    No matter how well you think you have planned things, some things will inevitable go wrong.
    To help cut down the frustration and arguments that will arise over these things here are a few things that I learned when planning my wedding that may be helpful to you.
    The List:
    The first thing that needs to be done is you need make a list of people you wish to have at your wedding. You can not book a hall if you have no idea how many people you are planning on having at your wedding.
    The bride, the groom and the parents of each should make a list of all the people they need to invite. Make sure this list includes even people you want to invite but will not show up. Make a note next to each name that you are fairly sure will show up. Your aunt from 2 towns over will probably show up but that friend from college who lives across the country who you barley ever talk to anymore will probably not show up. This list can be used to decide on how big a wedding hall you will need and how many invitations you need to order.
    The Wedding Hall:
    Your wedding is a very special day and choosing the place to have it is also very important because this is where all the memories of your wedding will be. Make sure you talk to friends and co workers and ask for suggestions. Even your single friends may have been to a wedding somewhere and can tell you about it. And the internet and the phone book are priceless at this stage in the wedding plans.
    Make sure you go see as many different places as you can, some places will require you to make an appointment to see their facilities and others may want you to come during an event so you get to see the place decorated and some you can just show up, so call first so you do not waste your time have to go back to a place more then once.
    Once you have an idea of how many people you need to invite and you have booked a hall and gotten a date for the wedding it is time to order Invitations. The printer you choose to make your invitations is important. Just like everything else go to more then one printer before making a choice.
    For my own wedding we designed our cards and the printer was

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