Selling Style, Life Style, Blog Style

We all have our style.

I plan my work around my vacations.

I tend to let my principles get in the way of me making more money.

I tend to like my clients and not let people that I don’t like become clients.

I know me. I know what to expect. That’s my style.

Last week, a fellow blogger that I care about and respect, asked me if I used reddit,, or stumble upon. My immediate reaction was, “No, because it sounded like work”. He said that it was and I added, “Well, that’s why.”

We went on to the next topic of the minute. However, in a quiet time, I let my mind work on my answer. I wanted to know why I don’t want to WORK at growing readership of this blog. I came up with two reasons.

First, I don’t write my blog for people that I don’t care about or that don’t want to know me. I take everyday stuff that I see and put it here for you. Most of you have enjoyed some success and enjoy the water cooler conversation that might include the sales lesson that’s included in my blog. I’m not writing a book. I’m not looking for the CEO’s of St. Gobain, EMC, Staples, TJX, or Commerce Group to call me up and say, “Rick, I want you to teach my salespeople to be able to sell like you.” If I want to talk to them, I’ll call them, but that won’t happen until someone who knows me and cares about them says, “You should talk to Rick. I’m gonna have him call you.” (Incidentally, if you know them, put us together. It might be the beginning of their solution.)

Second…..a future post called selling your blog.

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