You wanna bet $10,000

A while back I was meeting with a prospect and we talked about what he needed to get done in his business. We were very specific. We knew how many sales he needed to make. We knew what his revenues needed to be. We knew what his profits would be.

I charged him $10,000 to work with him.

He got his $10,000 back in less than two months

You wanna bet?

Here’s the terms of the bet.

#1.) You and I spend an hour or two on the phone determining what you’d like to get done by the end of 2007. (I.E. – # of new customers, Revenue $, commission $). This call needs to happen before close of business on 9/5/2007.

#2.) We agree on the parameters that determine success.

#3.) You agree to commit 3-6 hours/week to learning and practicing for the rest of the year.

#4.) You agree to allowing me to hold you accountable.

#5.) You pay us $10,000.

#6.) You get evaluated.

#7.) We start your program at 9 AM on 9/11.

#8.) We agree that we will concentrate on the area that is outside your comfort zone, but in my shadow.

#9.) If we miss our established goal by 10%, I’ll give you $1,000 back. If we miss it by 50%, I’ll give you $5,000 back. If we miss it by 100%, I’ll give you the whole $10,000 back.

#10.) I will not make this agreement with more than 20 new clients.

#11.) Preference will be given to owners that sell and key salespeople in small companies.

#12.) You agree to write a testimonial for me to use on this blog. You agree to be an evangelist for the things that we do together. You agree to use your new found skills and strengths for good…not evil.

Wanna bet? Email me here. One more thing. Whether or not you wanna bet, forward this to all the salespeople in your address book in case they want the fall of 2007 to change their life.

Remember, the first 20. So, if you wanna, call now and in case someone else wantsta, forward it now.

Eric Tapley (Off Topic…..Kinda)

I used to know Eric Tapley. I subscribe to his blog. I don’t actually know why. Maybe it was for this day. Usually, I get the notice that he posted, see that there’s a job opening at 3000K or they launched a new site for one of their clients, then say to myself, “What a waste of a blog!” and click away to something else.

I’m a salesperson. Not only am I a salesperson, but I don’t need anyone to generate leads for me. I can prospect. However, some salespeople can’t or won’t prospect. If you don’t want to call me to learn how to prospect, you may want to read this post by Eric.


A client called me today and asked if they could bounce a problem off me even if it wasn’t sales related.

When a client asks a question that doesn’t have anything to do with what you sell, YOU ARE THERE! You have attained RESOURCE status. You are no longer a salesperson or vendor. You have no competition. They trust your judgment. So, your answer should always be, “Sure! What’s up?”

So, this client develops partner relationships so that he and his partners can sell related products to the same customer by referring each other. Insurance agents partner with financial advisors. Painters partner with roofers. Real estate agents partner with mortgage brokers. So, this client heard that one of his partners was actually telling people that some of the advice that my client gives was bad advice and the partner was actually suggesting alternatives even though my client was an expert in his field and his partner wasn’t even good at it.

I suggested that he read How I Refer. I suggested that he pay very close attention to the paragraph that starts, “If I know…” Then I told him that if one of my partners ever did it to me, I’d stop referring him immediately. I’d unrefer him from everybody that I’d ever referred him to and if anyone ever asked me about him, I’d share my mother’s advice and ask them if they needed a referral to someone that does what they do.

Interesting thing is that I know all the players in this case. My client is absolutely an expert at what they do and his partner is good at what he does, but sucks at what my client does. Incidentally, my client is much more established than his partner. Makes about ten times as much money as his partner. So, who do you think is gonna lose the most here?

The one thing that I didn’t tell my client is whether or not to tell his partner that he was ending the relationship and/or why. I didn’t see that there was anything to be gained by telling the partner that he was a stupid piece of garbage.

Here’s the questions.

If you’re my client, should you tell the partner?

If you’re the partner, should you be told?

Should the world know?

Jillian’s Christmas in August Celebration

Mike Brady sent me the invitation. I showed up at 5. I was greeted by Barbara Blankenship, the Event Sales Manager at Jillian’s in Worcester. First, let me tell you about being greeted by Barbara. Her smile starts perfectly at her mouth, spreads to her eyes and I immediately felt like I was the only person in the room and that I had 100% of her attention. Even though Mark Paskell and Jimmie Ames were yelling from the bar that she shouldn’t let me in and should send me down the street. She let me in anyway. I met her friends Chelsea and Carolyn. (Quick aside about Carolyn: She left work at 3 AM and answered the phone when I called at 9:30 AM the next morning.) OK, back to the event. Barbara wanted the world to taste Jillian’s new party menu. IT WAS AWESOME! Something for everybody. Salmon, pulled pork, cut veggies, wings, I forget what else. I didn’t need dinner when I got home. Incidentally, about getting home. I don’t know how many people left at 7 PM when the event was supposed to end. I left a little after 9 and there were still two groups going. Great event, Barbara. I think that we should talk about getting it to happen regularly, here. Maybe Ray could help.

So, if you’re planning a holiday party, contact Barbara. If you’re not, forward her info to someone who is and you may want to ask someone to get you on the list for next August.

Mom on Perfection

So, when my mother read this post, she felt compelled to comment correct me, so she sent me an email. Notice how nurturing she is.

Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2007 9:48 PM

No..No..Rick—-You don’t get away with using “technique” with your mother…… I did not say they were nice …. I said they were great kids…..        but not perfect…..”Nice” is such a wimpy word in regard to my  grandchildren …it’s like saying  “nice doggie” …..They are all super great kids and I am very proud and love them all dearly….. It’s an imperfect world …how can any one be perfect in it ????  Not even me…. luv  Mom ….

If you have any comments for her that you don’t want the world to see, you can email her directly.


I usually call my mother on the way home from work. Sometimes it’s 2 PM. Sometimes it’s 8:30 PM. If I don’t call she assumes that I didn’t go to work and she’s usually right. So, tonight I called as usual. She tells me about her day. Then says, “I have to ask you a question.”

I say, “OK.”

She asks, “Do you really think that your sons are perfect?” (She’s referring to this post.)

I asked, “They’re not?” (Notice the technique?)

She says, “Well they’re very nice, but I wouldn’t say that they’re perfect.”

Me (feigning alarm): “They’re your grandsons!”

She says, “I raised four children. They’re all smart, good looking, well-mannered, successful, but they’re not perfect.”

I added, “Except one!”

She rebutted, “Your brother’s not perfect.” (Sometimes I wonder why I call her.)

Then she says, “I married a wonderful man, a special man, but he wasn’t perfect.”

Me: “What?”

Then she says, “Now if you were talking about me….”

I interrupted her with, “This is gonna be a great blog post!” and said, “Good night”.

Can you tell she’s my mother?

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Sales Caller ID Weakness

Do you have the “Caller ID” weakness? Here are the symptoms.

Your phone rings. You check the caller ID. You recognize the number. You hit ignore…or you answer.

Why do you look? Seriously, WHY? What difference does it make who it is? So what if you don’t want to talk to them? Why not pick up the phone and put them out of their misery? Why waste their time and your energy anticipating the next call that you have to avoid? Why feel like you have to hide? Is your need for approval so bad that you care what they think if you tell them that you don’t want to talk to them again or answer the phone and say, “Oh! If I had known it was you, I’d have let the call go to voice mail.”?

If it is someone that you want to talk to, why do you need to know who it is before you answer? Are you afraid that they’ll have an unfair advantage because they’ll know who they’re calling, but you won’t know who you’re going to be talking with? Don’t you have any ability to roll with a conversation?

I do use caller ID occasionally. If I expect that an important call will come in during a meeting, I’ll check caller ID and take that call and ignore the rest. However, prior to sitting down, I’ll always explain to the person that I’m meeting with, apologize, but say that it’s really important and I’ll ask if it’s OK if I interrupt our meeting and take the call if/when it comes, or if they’d like to reschedule the meeting. They’ll ALWAYS allow me to take the call and as long as it’s not a pattern (and it isn’t) they’ll never be upset with me.

I dunno, I guess I just figure that the telephone company is allowing weak people to get weaker rather than forcing them to deal with life head on.