First…Do No Harm!

Think about it.

Don’t leave your customer worse off than when you met!

Ask yourself the question, “Am I part of the problem?”

If your customer is making a mistake, shouldn’t you tell them.


Dharmesh Shah makes a few great points in his post asking whether or not you are a Trusted Adviser.

He also gets some interesting comments about the conflicts that arise when faced with the decision.

If a customer wants you to take a shortcut (regardless of the reason), and it’s not the right solution, why do you want to be part of it? Why would you want your name attached to a probable failure?

If you want to be known as the expert; if you want to be known for un-comprising quality; if you want to be known for unparalleled results; why would you let someone else decide on your offering.

Just a few random thoughts about trying to do business with propects that you should just walk by.

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