Jillian’s Christmas in August Celebration

Mike Brady sent me the invitation. I showed up at 5. I was greeted by Barbara Blankenship, the Event Sales Manager at Jillian’s in Worcester. First, let me tell you about being greeted by Barbara. Her smile starts perfectly at her mouth, spreads to her eyes and I immediately felt like I was the only person in the room and that I had 100% of her attention. Even though Mark Paskell and Jimmie Ames were yelling from the bar that she shouldn’t let me in and should send me down the street. She let me in anyway. I met her friends Chelsea and Carolyn. (Quick aside about Carolyn: She left work at 3 AM and answered the phone when I called at 9:30 AM the next morning.) OK, back to the event. Barbara wanted the world to taste Jillian’s new party menu. IT WAS AWESOME! Something for everybody. Salmon, pulled pork, cut veggies, wings, I forget what else. I didn’t need dinner when I got home. Incidentally, about getting home. I don’t know how many people left at 7 PM when the event was supposed to end. I left a little after 9 and there were still two groups going. Great event, Barbara. I think that we should talk about getting it to happen regularly, here. Maybe Ray could help.

So, if you’re planning a holiday party, contact Barbara. If you’re not, forward her info to someone who is and you may want to ask someone to get you on the list for next August.

One thought on “Jillian’s Christmas in August Celebration

  1. Barbara did a great job showing off the new menu. Jillian’s is a great place to throw a networking event because there are so many activities to break the ice and get people interacting. I especially liked the free chocolate. 🙂

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