St. Croix

I guess yesterday was the day that people were realizing, “Hey it’s working!” Remember the picture of my mother? Well, the other guy in the picture was my baby brother. About an hour after Joe sent me his story, my brother sent me this story.

—–Original Message—–
From: Vic Roberge
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 5:48 PM
To: Rick Roberge
Subject: How’s this for marketing?

First, I wanted to thank you for making me realize that I was selling myself short. I recently doubled my development fees to $200 per hour, and I have more work than I can handle at this point.


I just got word that Corporate has heard of a DB app I did for HR in Willimantic, and they want a demo in anticipation of distributing it to all 25 of their facilities around the world.


Second, money has been wired down to our attorney in St Croix, and we will close on Monday.

The saying work hard play hard comes to mind. It’s important for well being and effectiveness in the workplace.

2 thoughts on “St. Croix

  1. Wow, look at me on the World Wide Web. I read your blog about imagining something expensive you want, and putting a detailed picture of it in a frequently viewed location. This works. Those pictures of the condo in St Croix have been hanging in my two offices and home for the last year. God, who would have thought we would ever own beach front property on a tropical island. After a bunch of hard work, several attempts to purchase, and some disappointment, our efforts finally punched through all the barriers and succeeded. Some times you just dream so hard, the dream has to become a reality. And I want to tell you here and now in this public arena, PICK A WEEK for this up coming year, and it’s yours. You deserve some R & R.

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