Joe’s Escalade

Joe Kupstas called me today and asked if he could stop by and show me something. I said yes. He did. These are his words.

—–Original Message—–
From: Joseph Kupstas
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2007 4:31 PM
To: Rick Roberge
Subject: Re: Joe’s Escalade

I Joseph Kupstas started the sales training by David Kurlan & Associates about 10 months ago.  As many know Rick Roberge brought Dale & myself in the training and has been our sales mentor from day one.  Like any rookie sales person I was a non believer in the sales training and tactics that Kurlan and Rick where teaching.  But Dale and I where dedicated  to one thing, growing GoodFellas Construction!  So we entered the sales training with an open mind.  As the training went into the first few weeks I really thought Rick was crazy : ) and what they wanted me to do and say was nuts.  “How can I say that Rick” was a weekly phrase. As the training continued I started to enjoy our twice a week classes and the after training Rick spent with us at the end of each class.  Once our one on one training with Rick was completed and the training classes continued, things started to come together.  What questions to ask.  What not to say.  When to close. and my favorite when to shut-up, listen and if you talk you lose and if you don’t speak you win!!  But once the one on one time with Rick was used up he didn’t go away.  He would call us every other week and really took a care into how we where doing and how GoodFellas was doing!  There would be mornings that he knew I was at my desk at 7:00 am and he would call just to see whats going on. A regular Rick phrase was “Hey Joe I know your up and working its Rick Roberge calling Whats Up”  This kind of one on one makes you want to succeed and we have.  Early on in the training (Week 1 ) Chris Mott who is also one of our GREAT trainers did a class on Eliminating Success Barriers.  This class was about how to succeed and why do we do the things we do to succeed.  I remember the class very much.  The class made everyone in the room pick something that they wanted to purchase.  Something that had some meaning and something expensive.  I remember sitting there thinking what do I want?  We’ll I said I have a house so that’s done,  I have a lot of things so what I wanted was a really nice car.  So I wrote down car on my sheet.  Well after the class Rick and I had a talk about what I picked and the discussion lasted the next 2 days.  Rick not only wanted me to write down car he wanted me to pick one out!  I said to him why?  He said I want you to go on-line, Pick out the car you want and with every option you want and print out the detail with a picture.  Next he said I want you to tape that picture next to some where you would look at it each day.  I taped the picture next to a mirror in my closet where I got ready for work everyday.  For months I looked at that picture.  Dale and I would joked about it all the time when we saw the car driving on our way to class.  After 10 months of listening and applying the sales training our company has doubled in size, employee count (4 Additional), and gross sales ( 135 % Over Last Year).  It is now on track to double in all 3 categories again between now and the spring of 2008.  I still don’t use the training 100% but we are still learning and I fell are just getting better each sales appointment.  I am telling this story to thank Rick Roberge and Kurlan Associates for the developing the sales training and believing in Dale, Myself, and GoodFellas to succeed!!
Thank You Your Friend
Joseph Kupstas
GoodFellas Construction Mgt. LLC
18 Waite Street
Worcester MA 01604
Office# 508-363-1220
Fax#    508-363-1444

Joe's Escalade 001

How can I add to that, other than…Congratulations, Joe!”

18 thoughts on “Joe’s Escalade

  1. Joe congratulations, after spending all that time being uncomfortable about what to say, now you have some place comfortable. I don’t get why you put the picture next to the mirror. You don’t have to comb your hair, you put on a golf shirt and a pair of shorts and you are good to go. Maybe your next goal should be a wardrobe that would require you to look in the mirror. Great job, keep up the great work.

  2. It is awesome and it shows the importance of having PERSONAL goals. Our managers might give us a business goal like sell so much or develop so many new customers, but until we establish a personal goal, and relate it to a business goal, it will not happen.Incidentally, Pete didn’t do it with the splash that Joe did, but Pete told an investor that he did not need his money because he was selling enough. His personal goal was that he wanted to keep control of his company. We made a plan and he did it. I didn’t know anything about Pete wanting to buy a house in August, he did that on hs own and I also had nothing to do with Pete and Amy expecting their first baby in September. I’m sure that Joe wouldn’t mind if we say, “Congratulations!” to Pete, too.Incidentally, Joe’s partner, Dale and his wife had a baby a week-ish ago and Joe and his wife are due in September. I don’t think that my coaching had anything to do with all these babies….Maybe Chris Mott covered it in class!

  3. For those of you that don’t know, Dale is Joe’s business partner and they’ve been learning this stuff together. I mighta paid money to be eavesdropping on them debriefing each other after calls and prepping each other for upcoming calls. They hold each other accountable and help each other grow. A great team and I’m glad that I’ve had the opportunity to help.

  4. Bill did call me and we’ll see if we can’t give Bill a little help. Incidentally, Goodfellas is a customer of Bill’s.

  5. Steve’s got an odd sense of humor. I didn’t see it at first , but I eventually saw the lesson. Joe wanted to focus on his goal so he intentionally has a wardrobe that doesn’t require him to look at the mirror much and allows him to focus on the picture right next to it. Very smart, Joe.

  6. A couple of responses to what was said above. Number one I had no idea what an effect this story would have! From comments here to me telling a story in front of about 40 people today at the running home sales class. I should have know what Rick would have done with it. Well I hope it shows that it worked for me and it will work for anyone who is willing to learn and listen. Change is hard but it pays off if you truly care. Its funny that everyone that posted comments on this blog story are people I do business with and or have learned and listened to their stories early on in the training to get to this point. Dale is a huge part to our success because he was the one who talked me into going into meet with Rick. If he only new than the monster he was creating haha. Pete was in the training with us on day one and he was the one that asked us to go to the first seminar that Kurlan had about a year and a half ago. Pete did get a house this year and congrats to him. He is a great person to learn from. Also to listen to how need for approval can be dealt with. Bill Bowman is a great vendor of ours and he is always going the extra mile to make sure what he provides is great great service. Last but not Mr. Sunshine would come up to us after every class to gives his thoughts and though he was always late : ) (Just Kidding) he was the last one to leave! He made sure we talked about what was happening from our point of view. Rick has made selling fun for me and I thank him for that. I went from not really liking to sell to getting a natural high when a sale was closed. The funny saying from Dale and I now is “Yeah we closed that deal”!! ohh Now we have to build it. We want to just sell!

  7. With all of these wonderful comments it’s important not to lose sight of another milestone. What’s next? Nobody’s done here. You get a short reprieve because you reached your goal – but that was the old goal. What’s the new goal?

  8. Actually, Joe answered this question in this morning’s Applications of the Selling Process session.
    A second home! We didn’t get into specifics because I like you agree that he should take a breath and enjoy his feeling of accomplishment. Soon enough, we’ll know where the house will be and what conveniences it will have.

  9. Hello, Joe, I like your name—both of Rick’s grandfathers were named Joe—Your car is a beauty—and I wish you many happy trails—I would buy one in a heart beat if it were possible—I miss my big caddy—I am very pleased that my son could show you the way to achieve your goal—his Dad would be very proud of him—as I am—and “thank you” for making it so public. Good Luck—Rick’s Mom

  10. Hey Joe, It’s Rhonda, You know, the one who has been in your corner since DAY 1….AKA: Office Manager and (the woman who named you). I have only one thing to add to all this glory and that is, “I have always had all the confidence in the world, that you would do well”….and you’ve proved me right!Love ya, MOM

  11. Joe & Maggie are the proud parents of a baby boy also, Joseph Daniel, just three weeks to the day after his partner Dale & Erin had their son. There must be something in the water over there @ GoodFellas, I’ll be sure not to drink any! I’m the proud “MiMi” who now has two wonderful grand children from Joe & Maggie and just wanted to share my excitement with you all.PS Now that there is a whole new generation of GoodFellas contractors coming up in the world, “Do Joe & Dale Senior need to be on the look-out?”…Well we’ll just have to wait & see.The saga continues…….

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