Sell like a BLANK

This should be fun!

Pete Caputa asked Jeanne Worrick “Should you sell differently based on your gender?“. An innocent enough question considering Jeanne is the self-proclaimed expert on the topic and the owner of the new blog named “sell like a girl“. Jeanne’s response was that “there were nuances to sales that I don’t know if you would understand at your tender age”. I almost fell off my chair laughing. Jeanne and I have both “been around the block” and she couldn’t have baited him better, but it got me to thinking.

Do old people sell different than young people? How about a blog called, “How to sell like an old person”?

How about, “How to sell like a geek”? “How to sell like an Italian” Do Protestants sell different than Catholics?

Does Jeetu sell different than Pete? Is it hereditary? Does college have anything to do with it?


OK, seriously. Jeanne, answer his question. What does it mean to sell like a girl? I know what it means to throw like a girl….and run like a girl, but even when I could run, I got passed by a few girls. Sell like a girl is a little tongue in cheek, but can’t women actually do some “sales related” stuff better than men naturally?


What’s the secret?

2 thoughts on “Sell like a BLANK

  1. The ladies can get away with more than the guys can and that can help them get in the door more easily than guys can. On the flip side, the ladies tend to get emotionally involved more easily than the guys and that can cause them to lose their objectivity.

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