Why bother?

As you know, I went to the World Trade Day at Bryant University a couple of weeks ago. I’m still doing my follow up, but yesterday, I called AbeeSee. Now, AbeeSee and I had met in the past, and his face was vaguely familiar, but he wasn’t in my address book, let alone on my list of resources. So, yesterday afternoon I called him. He answered the phone, “Hello, AbeeSee, may I help you?” Hi, AbeeSee, Rick Roberge. Oh, hi. Hey, I’m in the middle of something, can we talk later and we scheduled a call for this morning at 8:30.

I called at 8:30 and left my number on voice mail. I blocked my number and called an hour and a half later. He answered the same way. I started with, “Hi, AbeeSee. Rick Roberge”. Oh. (Obviously not happy.) Sounds like a bad time. Not exactly. Oh, then it must be that you don’t want to talk to me. (You ready?) I’m not really in the market for sales training.

This is a guy who didn’t pay attention to Philip Styrlund’s talk. I told him that the mistake he made was assuming that that was why I was calling. In reality, his business card reads “Custom Business Research & Information”. So, you be the judge. Do you think that any of our development clients might have liked to know about him?

Here’s a few other questions.

Why did he go to World Trade Day if not to make connections with potential clients?

Why did he have me call back?

Why didn’t he just make his stupid comment on the first call?

Incidentally, his name isn’t really AbeeSee, but everything else is true. I just don’t want to raise his Google Rank by mentioning him or his company on my blog, but Pete, if you got this guy there, you should take him off all of your lists.

One thought on “Why bother?

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