“We’ll keep you in mind.”

What does it mean when you get this at the end of a sales call?

Does it mean that your prospect is engaged?

Does it mean that you’ve uncovered any compelling need?

Why would a prospect say something like this after you’ve just spent an hour or two having an in depth conversation about their business?

That is the question.

When a prospect tells you that they’ll keep you in mind, that’s the last thing that they’re gonna do. In my opinion, one of two things has happened during your time together.

Either, you aren’t even close. You never uncovered the real problem. You haven’t set yourself up as the expert. There has been no real conversation and the prospect is trying to let you down gently. You’ll never get them on the phone again. You’re not the answer. You haven’t even shown that you know what the problem is.

Or, you did your job too well. You helped the prospect realize how bad things are and that it’s probably their fault. The prospect’s pride is probably shattered and you did it. They may or may not be upset with you, but they are most certainly embarrassed at being exposed and are just looking for a way to exit the meeting and the relationship as quickly as possible. This prospect may be more willing to lose their business (and blame the economy, competition, or timing) than to admit to the world what you uncovered…..That they did it!

Either way, somebody (you or the prospect) can’t handle the truth.

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