This is my blog. I am the RainMaker Maker. Mark is my son and he is a RainMaker. Which may validate me as the RainMaker Maker. Now if I made the RainMaker, who does the RainMaker Make?……….Kai.

<IMG src="/images/12509-12009/so_thats_calculus___lets_move_on_to_microeconomics.JPG”>

Can you hear the conversation, son to father? “So thats calculus – lets move on to microeconomics.”

<IMG src="/images/12509-12009/Mommy_is_that_you.JPG”>

“Mommy, is that you?”

Today, Dave asked me, “How’s it feel to be a grandfather?” At this point, I don’t know. But, this is what it looks like to be a grandmother (both of them).

<IMG src="/images/12509-12009/Kai3.bmp”>

So, Dave, the answer is, “I don’t know yet. I like that Kai seemed to be content when I was holding him. I like that he’s healthy. I like that Mark & Robin are very happy. I like that “Kai” is Hawaiian for ocean. I expect that both Kai and Grandpa will spend much time at the ocean. Oh, did you know that Mark proposed to Robin by the ocean? That they got married by the ocean? They honeymooned by the ocean? and you know about me.”

Short answer, “I’m happy and ready.” Incidentally, if you like pictures, there’s more at www.rickroberge.com.

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