Welcome! Welcome! Welcome!

Welcome to the blog world, Sharon Kuchenbecker! Sharon has been saving marriages, keeping employees happy, and making guys that are usually dregs appear to be thoughtful and creative for years. Her business is Express Yourself Gifts & Baskets and her blog is the BasketBiz Blog. Rumor has it that she’s having an Official Grand Opening September 14th-16th and we’re all invited! Check out the news release on her website.

Welcome to the blog world, Paul LaFlamme! I’m always amazed when someone hits it out of the park at his first at bat. I (like most of you) have a few passwords that I prefer and use regularly, but sometimes the site that I’m on requires me to use a “strong” password. What a pain in the butt! In Paul’s very first post, Paul explained a very simple way to create a “strong” password that was easy to remember! Read about it at “What’s in a Password?”. Incidentally, you can read about Paul, and his company, Centrend at http://centrend.com/index.html.

Welcome Jason Kallio! Jason is a pretty smart dude. Technically educated. Seasoned in business. Entrepreneurial, educational, and entertaining. I won’t steal any of his thunder, but Jason has agreed to be the next “guest blogger” on The RainMaker Maker. Stay tuned!

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