Four Interesting Links for your pleasure

What is your backup plan? Read this story. Tell everybody you know about Troy’s bad experience at Tell the restaurant what we’re doing….and heed the lesson!

Don the Idea Guy shares Strategies, Guidelines, and Rules of Connecting from Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Black Book of Connections. Check it out on his blog here.

How do you view your customers? Click here because apparently some people out there have some really crazy ideas. I believe that my clients like me being accessible. They like me answering my phone and returning calls. Consequently, my clients are typically accessible and answer my calls. What’s more, I have most of their cell phone numbers and they have mine. It’s a mutual relationship of availability, trust, and respect.

Dane Carlson talks about the struggle that small business owners face when they try to focus on generating more business. Check out Needed: More Time.

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