Suggestions for a busy prospect

On May 18th, one of my clients told me that one of his clients was having a problem collecting some money from some of her customers and asked if I would try to help her. He introduced us in a mutual email that day. I called shortly thereafter, caught her at a bad time and we scheduled a 45 minute phone call. I called at the appointed time, she apologized and asked if she could call back in 10 minutes. She called back 45 minutes later and was put out that I wouldn’t talk to her then.


Here it is two weeks later and she still hasn’t called.


Somebody should suggest that she read about Low Hanging Fruit.


Somebody should also suggest that she read Baseline Selling. If she read the book, she’d realize that she doesn’t appear to have any compelling reason to talk to me nor exhibit any urgency to make it happen.


She’s probably hoping that I’ll chase her. She’s probably hoping that I need her business. I’m hoping that her problem isn’t serious. I’m hoping that it gets to be a priority before it gets serious. But, I only hope tangentially because I don’t know her personally and therefore don’t really care. Until she says, “Rick please help me.” and I reply, “OK, I will.” We have no deal, no relationship, no responsibility.


I wish her well as a friend of a friend.

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