Marketing and Prospecting

I just got Laura’s May newsletter. In it, she draws an analogy between growing corn and marketing. Good analogy.

However, remember that the same analogy applies to prospecting. I worry about my friends that don’t have time to network, don’t have time to call prospects, don’t have time to put new stuff in the front of their pipeline because they’ve got so much in the pipeline and they want to clean it up. So, what do you work on when you clean it up and there’s nothing there. No names in this paragraph. I’m just concerned.

So, whether you’re talking about marketing, advertising, prospecting, exercise, dieting, or most things……….a little every day will show consistent results. Trying to do it all in one day………well read Laura’s newsletter.

Incidentally, isn’t it a nice touch that Laura shows off her work by plugging one of her clients.

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