Speed Networking at Corridor Nine

In case you don’t know, I attend and work several networking events every week. I’m proud to say that I’m welcome at several chambers from Massachusetts to Maine. I get invited to BNI meetings, private groups, breakfasts, coffees, after hours and the like. I attend business expos, trade shows, home shows, fairs, and even flower shows. There’s business everywhere.


Today, I was lucky enough to be at Corridor Nine Speed Networking event held at the Doubletree in Westboro. The entire experience was awesome. Breakfast was great. Service – excellent. Facilty – perfect. There were 250 business people in the room with one purpose. Taking care of business. And that’s what Corridor Nine is all about. There were 25 tables. Everybody in attendance got to tell there story to about 30 others and exchanged business cards with each of them. There was ample time before and after to start early or stay later to elaborate further. This was an absolutely FANTASTIC event and I’m sure that a lot of people are taking care of business right now instead of blogging about it. But I had to say, “Thank you.” to Barbara, Karen and Eileen for letting us play, but especially to Chris Tzellas who is constantly reaching for and pushing people to new levels of excellence. One more person, Jonas Goldenberg was an excellent MC. Kept the facilitators informed and in line. Kept the room moving and lively. Great job, Jonas.


One last thing, if you’re not a member of the Corridor Nine, you need to know that every expo, show, after hours, breakfast, or event like this one is always, always, always a resounding success. This morning, they were talking about taking care of business at several events in the next couple of months and having another Speed Networking Event in the fall. If you’re not a member, and/or you don’t know about these events, you need to contact Chris Tzellas ASAP. She will fill you in. She’ll sign you up. If you’re an old fashioned kind of person, her number is (508) 836-4444.

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