Pete Caputa blogged about his growth in sales skills, today. As I read, I started thinking about his company.

Remember the first time you went to Fenway Park. Some guy, way down front starts throwing his hands up in the air and jumping up and you ask yourself, “What’s that bozo doing?” Then you see a few more people around him doing the same thing. Then you look across to the bleachers, and there’s a bunch of people doing the same thing. Then you see most of the people around you stand up, throw their hands in the air, and cheer! and you watch it go around the park, jump over the Green monster and now everyone knows.

It’s the WAVE!

and now everyone in the park is intent on keeping that wave going until somebody down on the field gets a hit, strikes out, or otherwise reminds us why we’re there in the first place.

Pete is that “bozo” down front that gets the process started and his company provides the means to get everybody’s attention and keep the wave going.

Just my two cents.

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