Show Up and Be Ready

Woody Allen is credited with saying, “Seventy percent of success in life is showing up.” and quite honestly, it’s worked for me. I’ve been attending (not teaching) sales training for over 20 years. Sometimes I learn from the teacher. Sometimes I learn from the students, but I always learn. I believe that’s why I am the way that I am. My “Blogging” Mentor suggested that I should read other blogs and comment about them. So, combining the two pieces of advice, I came upon Doug’s blog and didn’t he (actually Mike Laffin) make a final point in the second to the last paragraph:

   “A final point was brought up by Mike Laffin of Serono, who reminded us all to remember that our
     own personal learning preferences can color our designs and we need to keep an open mind and
     focus on the learner.”

He’s talking about teaching, but how many times do we have to remember that it’s not about the salesperson, it’s about the prospect? You can never tell when or where you’re gonna get a sales lesson. So, just show up and be ready. Thanks, Doug (and Mike).


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