Haircuts, Shaving, and Eating

I looked in the mirror this morning and did a double take. Did I need another haircut? Didn’t I just get one? When was that? Just before Mexico. When was that? OK, it’s time. That got me to thinking about some of the stuff that we have to do, over and over and over according a schedule that optimizes our performance. How often do you shave? Daily? How effective are you if you don’t eat 2,3,4 times a day? What if you didn’t inhale and exhale several times a minute?

Then I started thinking externally. Do the dishes after every meal (or at least when the sink and all the counters are full). Mow the lawn once or twice a week. Take out the garbage on Thursdays. Change the oil every 3,000 miles. Get an inspection sticker every April and December (two cars).

At that point I had to give up the bathroom, but my brain kept going and here I am. How often do we in our business look in the mirror and do a double take? Didn’t we just prospect yesterday? Didn’t we just pay our quarterly taxes? Didn’t we just do a customer service call on this client? Didn’t we just advertise? Didn’t I post to my blog already this week? Didn’t I already read and comment on another blog? No matter what the exercise, how many times do we ask, “Didn’t we just _____?”

Back to our bodies: If you don’t take care of the 3 S’s for one day, you might sneak by or you might stay home by yourself. You don’t take care of them for two or three days and you’ll be all backed up, smell like a bum and look like a bum!

Back to business: As the RainMaker, YOU are responsible to decide how often to prospect, network, meet with prospects, do customer service calls, do billable work, do adminstrative work, manage employees, continue your education, etc. In addition to all the business stuff, don’t forget family, personal, physical, etc., each according to the schedule, annually, monthly, weekly, daily, three times a day. Not only that, but things change. Your 2 year old child has different needs than your teenager. Your startup business has different needs than your well established business moving into new markets. How can one person do all this? You can’t, but that’s one of the things that 
Mike Eagan does with his clients. So many people pay for sales training but never get help in putting the plan together as far as what needs to be done. How much? How often? Even if you’ve already run a successful business, but are making a change in target, geography, or approach, don’t be surprised if you find yourself wishing that you had someone looking over your shoulder. If I’ve got you wondering, contact Mike Eagan directly or if you’d rather be introduced, contact me.

Have fun!


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