Who is Responsible?

OK! Enough about real life. Let’s pretend!

Let’s pretend that you have two people that you like and respect. Let’s pretend one of them is a service provider and the other is a prospect. They agree to meet. They talk about whatever and it appears that they will do some business together. Then something happens and they don’t. Who is responsible? Prospect or service provider? Remember, you like and respect them both. The proverbial “rock and a hard place”.

OK, now pretend that you weren’t there so it’s all he said……she said.

Who is responsible?

Is a prospect supposed to dump their soul just because you ask, or should you learn how to get down to it?

If a prospect doesn’t tell the truth, is the prospect the only culprit or should you uncover the truth?

If an important piece of information is missed during discovery, who is responsible when the deal falls apart?

If prospect agrees to do business and service provider does anything to make prospect uncomfortable, does prospect have to continue?

I suggest that the service provider is 100% responsible for EVERYTHING 100% of the time. Period! They know the most about problems, solutions, competition, pricing, etc. etc. etc. They are responsible to ask ALL the right questions, uncover all the surprises, cover all possibilities.

Impossible? Maybe. But the alternative is not acceptable.

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