2014, Here I come!

I’ve been having some pretty interesting conversations, lately.

Jill Konrath, Trish Bertuzzi, Lori Richardson, Katharine Derum and I talked about Intimidating Women, Sales Rock Stars and Me. Everybody commented and I heard that it’s been posted to in places where I’m not allowed. Katharine also shared Jill Konrath Movers and Shakers. I’m planning on making some noise in 2014.

Earlier this month, we asked the question, Should Sales Reps Be Blogging? that spurred another lively discussion. Look for more on that in 2014 as I get more salespeople guest blogging for me. Incidentally, if you’ve got an article in you that’s dying to get out, let me know.

Finally, I just read and article that Matt published Incorporating Dreams Into Your Small Business this morning. I couldn’t have written this article better myself and I suggest that if you’re not following his process, you should start today.

Happy New Year!

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