2012 in Review

There’s a conversation happening over at co-grow that I want you to check out, but not until I share this. In 2012,
  • we published 170 Posts (3.27/week)
  • Using 62,872 words (369/post)
(You don’t have to write every day and you don’t have to write a book every time.)
That generated
  • 452,354 Visits
  • and 536 Comments
  • and 854.58 average post views per day.

The 10 most popular posts this year were:

   20   RainMakers and Rock Stars (I love this post!)
Now, you’re almost ready to go. Three points to keep in mind.
  • I’ve got almost 1,000 articles. 9 out of the top 10 posts were written in 2012. If my readers think something is remarkable, they share it, but #3 and #11 have something of a long tail.
  • #7, #13 and # 18 are articles written by guest authors. Readers like relevant variety. If somebody is reading you, following you, commenting and even pushing back, they may have a following that they can attract to you. (I had a couple of dozen guest articles in 2012.)
  • My CTA’s stink. My design stinks. I don’t know how to spell SEO. My blog is only one part of this process. You can’t sell on your blog and you can’t sell if you don’t engage. The only thing that your blog can do is help you appear remarkable enough to engage.
Now, please go read Pete’s article and Todd’s article and share your thoughts with them.

Care to share what you think?

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