How do you pick your clients?

This post wasn’t planned. It’s the result of a series of events.

  1. A new client had one of their customers write a testimonial for their blog.
  2. I wanted to post the testimonial to the Hubspot Partners Forum on LinkedIn, but it didn’t say what I wanted it to say.
  3. I searched my client’s blog to find a more suitable article.
  4. I found one by Matt Heinz, but it didn’t say what I wanted it to say. So, I kept looking.
  5. Then I found “Three Things Sales Managers Can Learn from Olympic Coaches” and thought, “That’s more like it.” (Jeez! I wonder why!)
The process of searching got me thinking about why I wanted to find this testimonial and that got me thinking about how I decide whether I will work for any particular client.
So, how/why do you pick clients?
  1. Do they have to fit a particular persona?
  2. Do they have to have a specific problem?
  3. Is it their passion?
  4. Is it the person?
  5. Do you need the money?
  6. Are they a big name?
  7. Is it what they do?
  8. Something else?
Tell us in the comment section.
BTW, as you probably figured out, my new client is FactorLab and the reason that I work with them is that they make it easier for a coach to be immediate, honest and consistent. If you or one of your clients would like to improve communication with their salespeople, ask for an introduction.

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