End 2012 Strong to Start 2013 Stronger

“Wait ’til next year!”

How many sports fans ended the season with that resolve?
How many fans gave up on their team before they were mathematically eliminated?
Yesterday, a business owner used my scheduler to schedule a call with me. In the agenda section, he wrote, “Goal to walk away sharing game plan for 2013 and seeing if you want to be a part of it”.
So, during the call, he told me that he wanted to have 5 retainer clients. He also told me that he had no money to pay me to help him. I told him to read “Grow Sales With Social Media” and decide what he really wants me to do, if anything.
Contrast that with one of my clients. He’s looking to grow by $2 million in 2013 and we started 3 weeks ago. We’ve already started having conversations with prospects. We’ve got more appointments scheduled and the pipeline is filling up.
The Red Sox have a new manager, are signing new players and started selling 2013 tickets. Returning players have started their winter regimen to make sure that the 2013 season isn’t a repeat of 2012. They’re not ‘waiting til next year’. They’re spending money, making changes and working now!
So, to the business owner that I spoke to yesterday, I ask, “How many of those 5 clients can you sign in December? 5 clients in one month? Hell, some of your competitors have signed 10 clients in a month.”
So, how about you? Are you setting yourself up for a repeat of 2012 in 2013? Is that OK? What are you doing about it today? Will you end 2012 strong to start 2013 stronger? Want help? Schedule a call with me.
Do you have a friend that wants to do better? Send them this article. Have them schedule a call with me.

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