Turn Sales Around in 10 Weeks

Have you looked at the calendar today? There are ten weeks left in 2012.

Was this your breakout year? Did you?
Have you accomplished 80% of what you set out to do this year? What will you do with the remaining 20% of 2012?
Do you realize that some people will get as much done in the next 10 weeks as they did in the prior 10 months?
Will you redouble efforts? Do something different? Close 2012 out strong?
Or have you already said, “Wait until next year!”?
Speaking of next year, what’s your plan? Do you have one? What will be different? Who will hold you accountable? Are you hoping or have you already started working?
It’s simple, actually. What’s your goal? Why? No, really. deep down why?
What’s your plan? What are the benchmarks? What are your obstacles? How do you handle obstacles? No, not go through them or around them. You’ve said that before.
Changing your life, exponentiating sales, doing what you’ve never done before is totally doable, but nearly impossible if you end this year the same way that you ended 2011 and start 2013 the same way that you started 2012.
If you want to be a Rock Star, you can start today. Just use the “schedule a call” link on the right side bar or send me an email at Rick at RickRoberge dot com. Save 2012 and kick start 2013 with one call.

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