Does Inbound Marketing Work in EVERY Business?

I have two answers, a short one and a long one.

The short one is, “Yes, but not with every customer.”
The long one is:
If you believe that the internet is just for porn, kids or a fad, you’re a fool. I’m 60 years old. Not every 60 year old uses his Droid to search Google when his wife asks, “Do we know anybody on the Kennbunk list?” Some people have to wait to read the newspaper the next day.
I don’t know –
  • what percentage of 40 – 70 year olds have the app for what you sell. 
  • what percentage did a search on Google today.
  • what percentage didn’t turn their computer on today.
  • what percentage used the yellow pages or dialed 411 today.
  • what percentage actually opened that catalogs, flyers and other ‘junk’ mail that arrived today.
  • what percentage made a purchase from a telemarketer today.
  • what percentage called a friend to ask for a referral or called your competitor based on a friend’s referral.
  • etc.
Do you? Whether you do or do not, the real question is,
“Are you willing to let every customer whose shopping and buying process doesn’t
align with your sales and marketing process buy from your competitor?”
So, what are you gonna do different today?
What will it take to finish 2012 strong or kick start 2013?
How long is your cycle?
Is it already too late?
Are you sure?
You want to schedule a free 15 minute conversation? (Be sure to include your number.)

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