What’s the Difference Between a Coach, a Teacher and a Trainer?

So, first, an apology. Yesterday’s title was stupid, stupid, stupid! It was so sale-sy that it attracted this tweet. Now I have to follow my mother’s advice. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

OK. So, what is the difference.
Well, teachers are easy! Them that can, do! Them that can’t, teach! Do you really want to learn from somebody that’s never done what they’re trying to teach you how to do?
So, let’s see. We’ve got lion trainers. Dog trainers. Dolphin trainers. Do the trick. Get a treat? How about basic training in the armed forces. Push-ups. 20 mile runs. Hup, 2, 3, 4. Hup, 2, 3, 4. Repetition is what matters. Do it right. Get a treat. Over and over again. Even sales training… Attend class every week for a year or 12 webinars over three months. There you go. You’re ready. Go do it!…….Yeah, right.
So, when you think of great coaches, who do you think of? Any of these folks? These guys? Another. All I did was Google “best coaches”. So, what do you notice? They all played the game? They were awesome players? Did they use tricks? Did they know their people well enough to get their best effort? Did they know them well enough to know how to impart information? Were they hands on? Did they tell once and consider it done or was it teach, try, adjust, strategize, debrief, constantly?
That’s why I always evaluate my clients before I coach them. We both need to understand them before we can turn them into rock stars. I’m finishing up with a client this week. If you want to talk about being next, get on my calendar.

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