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If you’re in business and you haven’t started a blog, you are on your way out of business. Start a blog today.

Here’s why.
I wrote my first article for The RainMaker Maker blog on March 18, 2006. So far this year, it’s my 7th most popular post. Six years later! It still brings readers to the site.
I’ve published 569 articles in the past 6+ years and every one of them was read this year. As a matter of fact, my least read article was published on December 6, 2007 and was read 62 times in 2012. 62 times on an article that I haven’t thought about in almost six years.
So, here’s the point. If I can do it, you can do it. 291,932 people visited my blog so far in 2012, but not all of the visits were do to my current efforts. Six year old articles are still working for me. So, if you haven’t started, start. If you’ve started, but haven’t stayed with it, get to it. And if you need help, contact me at @RainMakerMaker or on LinkedIn.
One last thing…There’s a guzillion marketers that can’t sell and most of them will tell you that a blog is the foundation of inbound marketing. I believe that a blog is one of the best SALES tools ever conceived. So, if you want to grow sales, start a blog.

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