Understanding Sales VP’s, Sales Managers & CEO’s

I originally published this articled on my other blog 2/2/11. If you missed it then, I hope that you enjoy it now.

I just read Frank Belzer’s post, CRM – 10 obstacles to making it work. As usual another great post, but he uncovers another issue around the quality of communication between a CEO, his Sales VP and their sales managers.

Communication issues may have several underlying causes..

The CEO hires good people, gives them latitude, but may be somewhat isolated and not aware of what the real issues are ‘on the street’ and he either doesn’t fully listen to his subordinates or he doesn’t recognize that they’re unwilling or afraid to tell him the truth.

The VP’s/managers may know what the answer is, but not be willing to communicate to the CEO that they need help. because they don’t want to appear weak or inadequate or give the CEO a reason for early termination. In some cases, the VP’s/managers may actually tell the CEO that they need help, but the CEO doesn’t listen. He believes that he hired good people that should be able to overcome any obstacle and that they’re just not trying hard enough. Work harder. Work longer. Work smarter with what you’ve got.

Meanwhile, the sales managers are frustrated because they can’t get their salespeople to hit their numbers. The salespeople are looking because it’s better to look for a job while you’re still employed.

They need a sign that change is on the way.

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