A RainMaker to be?

This is a guest post by Arjun Moorthy. Arjun is the VP of Business Development at Hubspot. He was referred to me a few weeks ago and was evaluated as an entrepreneurial salesperson. Today, we reviewed his evaluation together. These are his words.

Rick – as you requested, here is a short blog post I wrote up after our chat this morning.  I intended to post it to my blog, curiousjuice.com, but you are welcome to modify/quote it as I think that was perhaps your original idea?

As regular readers of my blog may know I care a lot about people finding their true career calling as I myself struggle through that.  Recently I did a sales skills evaluation with Rick Roberge using a methodology from Objective Management Group.  The 40-page report is very detailed and at first I didn’t agree with several of the assessments but on a second review I found it was startlingly accurate.

Rick and I talked for an hour and a half today as he clarified various points and gave several helpful, memorable examples to help me address the issues that were highlighted in this report.  And all this he prefaced with just one thing: enjoy what you’re doing otherwise you’re doing it wrong.  That may sound obvious but that advice, along with my observation that those who are really good at sales actually do enjoy their job, has immediately changed my outlook on every meeting that I have coming.

I don’t know if I would ever have been a great engineer but I think with the right coaching and guidance I can be great at sales.  And getting to be great at something, versus just good at it, is what you want to aim for in your career.  With the abundance of opportunities many of us have in the west, too often we end up jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none but that only takes you so far in a job.  To get to the top and stay there you really have to excel at that role.  So, I’m buckling down for the long haul here and will keep you posted on what happens.
Interestingly, Arjun does not carry a sales quota, but he recognizes that non-sales executives need to know how to sell. Be sure to subscribe to his blog so that you can be kept up to date on his progress.

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