How to Refer

Many ‘self-proclaimed’ referral experts cite Emerson’s rule of compensation as the mindset of a good referral maker. It’s usually interpreted by newbies as ‘if you refer to me, it will help me and I will want to help you’. I’ve always felt that this is one selfish person trying to get another selfish person to help them first. This explanation works better for me.

I belong to a group of Inbound Networkers
The group owner doesn’t allow members to post their own content or introduce themselves (No sales pitches!), but does allow members to introduce each other to the group. I often don’t know the person that’s being introduced, but I read these introductions with an eye to finding someone that has an expertise that will help someone that I already know and care about. It’s not about me. It’s not about the person that I may refer. It’s about the match between expertise and an issue that my friend may have.
When I refer, I make the introduction. I make sure that both parties know why I’m making the introduction and then I let them do the rest. I don’t try to make it a three way call. I don’t try to get a piece of the action. My compensation comes because I’ve put two people together. If it works, they both love me. If it doesn’t work, they both know that I was thinking of them.
One last thing. Sometimes, you may want to refer someone to a client that you are working with or a prospect that you want to work with. Make the intro the same way. For instance, if you know an entrepreneur or business owner that you like that wants to grow their business, tell them that you read an article about sales help for entrepreneurs, send them the link and let me know that you did. They’ll like you. I’ll like you and if I double or triple their sales, we’ll both love you.

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