How can a sales guy build blog traffic?

As most of you know, I’ve been blogging for a while, but I’ve been selling my whole life.

Let’s look at my blog. The table below lists the ten most recently published posts. If you check my blog, you’ll notice that the first 4 articles were published last week. The second 4 the week before and the last 2, the week before that. If you look closer, you’ll notice that the first two and the sixth articles were guest posts, written by somebody else. Why would they do that? Remember that there are almost 800 articles on this blog. Notice that the 10 most recent articles only accounted for 7,650 views. That means that the rest of the almost 800 articles accounted for 5,075 views. Each of the guest authors has a link to their website on my blog. My readers will have the opportunity to visit them. Why do I encourage it? My blog averages 1,000-ish views/day. Kelly’s post brought 2,644 views over a weekend and Don’s brought 1,180 during the same time. They told people about their article and new people had the opportunity to visit my site. One last thing about guest posts. The sixth one down, “Sales Experience Can Make a Difference” was published 11 days ago and has been viewed 986 times and is still ticking.
Other thoughts:
Who would expect “I’m Not a Salesperson”, “I hate sales. And I loathe salespeople.” on a sales blog mostly written by a sales guy?
When Don says “I’m an “Old School” sales guy using new technology.”, doesn’t that ring true with millions of salespeople that used to make cold calls, do trade shows or follow up on yellow pages leads?
And if you read the articles that I write, you’ll realize that they come from everyday life. Who did I talk with? What did they say? Look at “Asking “IS” Control“. 181 words. Lots of white space. Taken from real life. They don’t have to be long.
If you have other suggestions or ideas, please share them in the comments.
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One thought on “How can a sales guy build blog traffic?

  1. HA! so what you are saying is that sales is mastering how to be like a 4 year old? Oh, I can see the metaphor now. Sales the pesky 4 year old, marketing the proper member of society who is always politically correct. Yes, that 4 year old could rule (ruin?) their world.

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