Obstacles or Opportunities?

Who would you rather be?

A 20-something who spent the last few years delivering services as a sub-contractor for one company. Surprise! Company’s gone. OOB. Owner left town. Not paying subs (including you!). Customers paid up front, but didn’t get product. Now what?
Another 20-something who is the GM of a well established, well known family business, but is excited by the opportunities in other industries. Stay or go?
A 40-something who’s owned his business for 15+ years, and has had some good ones, but has watched his margins erode to the point that last year, although he had about 500 customers, he didn’t pay himself.
A 50-something who’s been hired to take a company in a new direction by introducing a new non-tangible technology to a commodity customer base with salespeople that sell tangibles.
So, pretend. Who has the biggest obstacle and who has the biggest opportunity?
Please answer in the comment section, but if one of these sounds like you, call me. We should talk.

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