10 Serious Questions About Silly Social Media Practices

I was thinking about “Why did you do that?” as a title, but this is more relevant.

  1. Do your competitors follow you? Why?
  2. Do you follow them back? Why?
  3. Do you hide your connections on LinkedIn? Why?
  4. Do you hide your identity on LinkedIn? Why?
  5. Do you follow, then un-follow, then follow (if they don’t follow you back), then un-follow, ad nauseum? Why?
  6. Do you comment on blog articles, but not add to the conversation? (i.e. – Great post!) Why?
  7. Do you write blog articles, but not read blog articles?
  8. Do you subscribe people to your blog and force them to unsubscribe?
  9. Do you have real conversations (talking) with people that you meet on line?
  10. Do you know how many customers you got last year that found you through social media?
Did I miss any? If you want to answer, feel free, but mostly I’m hoping that you’ll think about the questions?

3 thoughts on “10 Serious Questions About Silly Social Media Practices

  1. Social media doesn’t “win” customers. However, it can help attract prospective customers.

    As an example, your website has a few very colorful graphs, but very few words and almost nothing worth reading.

    My blog has very few pictures, over 100,000 words and content that gets read.

    You want to compare clients?

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