Ball Buster!

So, yesterday a prospect told me that they didn’t want to buy and when I didn’t try to handle an objection that contradicted something that they had already said, they acted surprised, but I knew that they didn’t want to buy and I didn’t want to prolong the call. Later, I sent an email that acknowledged their surprise and explained why I ended the call. He replied that I was arrogant and border-line rude.

Today, a prospect indicated that they felt pissed off and pressured. Why? because they want the world to be nice. Nobody lies. Nobody has an agenda. Funny thing is that I watched a client from hell walk all over this prospect, they were nice about it, but they were beating this prospect up on results, responsibility and price…. but they were nice about it. I was blunt because this prospect needs to do something drastically different if they want different results.

Then the Fedex man came. He’s got a package from In it there was a note that read:

“Thanks for all your help Rick.
I figured the Ball Buster wine was right up your alley. Dan”

How can I argue with that? Did you read yesterday’s post?

6 thoughts on “Ball Buster!

  1. Guess he got that right!Isn’t that why we have the right to fire clients. Although, if we sell the project correctly in the first place, then we wouldn’t be dong business with the client from Hell. So whether we are the ball buster or the client is the ball buster, it comes down to how do you want to spend your time?

  2. Interesting story about Steve. One day, several years ago, he came over my house and we talked about several things, but mostly about growing his business. We had a beer while we talked. Later, after he left, I followed up with an email that laid out the plan that we had discussed to work together and that the cost would be $50,000. A couple of days later, I asked him what he thought. His reply was classic ‘Steve’. He said, “That was an expensive beer!”

    Steve has a great sense of humor and isn’t afraid to laugh at himself.

    We decided to move ahead and start working together. A few weeks into the project, I asked Steve why he decided to work with me. His response wasn’t Steve-esque. It was more like something that Socrates would say. He replied,

    “I figure that there’s enough room outside my comfort zone that’s inside your shadow,
    so that as long as we stay in that area, we’ll get results.”

    Wanna step outside your comfort zone?

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