Sales Goals

So, today, a sales manager downloaded my e-book. This is the form that they filled out.

New lead activity on Get your copy of 3 Things You Can Do NOW to GET SALES in Two Weeks!

First Name Redacted
Last Name Redacted
Job Title Sales Manager
Email Redacted
Phone Redacted
Number of Sales People 5-10
Annual Revenues $5+ Million
Have you had a Sales Assessment done on your sales team? No – not interested
Is your sales team working closely and aligned with your marketing team? -Choose One-
How often does your sales team hit their goals? Rarely
Not interested in a sales assessment on their team even though they rarely hit their goals?
Do you think that this sales manager is trying to save their job by downloading the e-book to learn the three things they can do to get sales in two weeks?
Have you read it? You can get your copy here.
Happy reading! and as Carole says.”GBOGH!”

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