Is Free Sales Training Good or Bad?

I saw an email recently that started with, “Learn Our Advanced Sales Methodology in a Free, Eight-Week Webinar Course!” and closed with, “We’ll dive deep in to the tactics and tools which have resulted in over 5,500 customers to date for our company and our partners.”

Huh? Wait a second here!
Some companies have been boasting transparency lately. Glass is transparent. Have you ever seen anyone walk into a glass door. It’s funny to watch, but the person walking into the door might break their nose. People with big glass picture windows often watch birds fly into the glass and kill themselves. It’s an accident. The bird never sees the glass. So, they’re dead before they know it.
So, why could free sales training kill you? It won’t, but ask yourself….
  • Can a company that sells software teach you how to sell services where your retainer will 10-20 times the cost of their software?
  • Do the math! This company has boasted that they’ve generated millions of leads. 5,500 customers. Millions > 5,500? Is that really a good conversion rate? Can you generate that many leads? Can you live with that closing ratio?
  • Finally, do you have tens of millions of dollars in venture capital?
Now, before you get upset with me, let me add that I know the guys that are doing the program. They’re good people. I’m sure that they’ve got good intentions. I’m sure that they’re just trying to help. But, would you let a well meaning electrician fix your toilet? He may be handy. He might even do plumbing work at his house, but seriously, do you want him to do it at your house?
Two other things.
Sales is no longer a game played by good looking smooth talkers. It’s a science and if you’re gonna learn the science of sales you need to have classes and labs. Think back to chemistry and physics. Classes every week and labs every week. Practice under the watchful eye of your teacher. You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs. You can’t learn to sell without role-playing and being coached a lot.
My last point comes from the physical fitness world. Most calls to exercise include the warning, “Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program.” Only the OMG Entrepreneurial Salesperson’s Assessment can look under your hood, identify your strengths, and weaknesses, anticipate the obstacles that you’ll face and insure that you will maximize the benefit from your sales training. Remember, “Free advice costs nothing until you act upon it.
As you may know, my partners are offering a program that offers:
  •  Your own personal Sales Assessment
  • 12 weekly webinars to learn the process for selling to inbound leads
  • 12 weekly group coaching sessions to rehearse and practice.
  • On-Demand 1:1 coaching with 
    an  experienced marketing salesperson and/or sales coach.

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