Selling, Spelling and Math

I have a friend that can make any piece of junk look like art. I have tools, but…..

I have an insurance man, a financial adviser, and a doctor. I understand some thing about insurance, money and the way my body works (or doesn’t), but…..
A builder built my house and used an electrician, plumber, etc for their end of the work. I can use a hammer, wire strippers, and a torch, but…..
That’s why, when I read Frank’s post, I thought, “Isn’t it easy to understand?” People can’t do anything that they don’t have the natural talent to do or haven’t taken the time to learn how to do it properly?
The answer to every one of the buts above is that I’m not predisposed to do it myself. In some cases, I don’t have the talent that I need. In others, I don’t want to do what it takes to learn how to do it. (Go to trade school, med school, etc.) Same thing with selling. Some don’t have the Crucial Elements that are necessary to sell well. Others don’t have the incentive to correct the weaknesses that they need to overcome. Some may not want to invest the time or money. Doesn’t matter what the reason is, but if you don’t have what it takes and your livelihood depends on it, do you really want to screw it up?
Let’s tease Frank… Take a look at the url for his blog post. “yes-seliing-is-harder-than-other-jobs”. He hit ‘publish’ before he hit ‘spell check’. Frank is very humble and real and doesn’t mind being teased, but we all know somebody that thinks they can spell. but can’t and won’t use spell check or a proof reader.
How about math? Who do you know that is math challenged or math scared? Have they ever sought help, or did they just give up and say, it’s the way I am?
So, if you don’t sell as well as you should, is it because
  • You don’t have the crucial elements?
  • You don’t want to learn?
  • Or you’re so good at something else that you make enough to hire somebody to sell for you?
Or, is it that you need better leads?

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