Sales Retirement

MacArthur ManilaThis article was originally published 10 years ago in 2011. It’s been archived, but I’m republishing it so that I can use it in today’s article.

Earlier this year, I told Dave Kurlan (privately) that I would be retiring at the end of June. I didn’t because Kurlan & Associates decided to sponsor HUGS 2011 and I didn’t think it appropriate for me not to attend and I had several clients that wanted to extend into 3Q11 & 4Q11. So, I wrote a post that announced that Dave and I had agreed to move my retirement to 12/29/2011, but I deleted it. Not because I’m not going to retire that day and not because I don’t want to retire on that day, but because Jay Leno announced his retirement, retired and caused a lot of turmoil when he came back. Unlike Jay Leno, General MacArthur and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I shall not return and I won’t be back.

So, what? Why write about my retirement at all?

First, I don’t want to be one of those old guys that’s lost his edge, is irrelevant, or drools on himself. I just had the best year of my professional life, made a lot of money and had a positive impact on a lot of people.

Second, I have other stuff that I want to do, but I tend to be a fanatic. At the moment, I’m a fanatic about sales excellence in business ownership. I expect that I’ll be fanatical about whatever’s next and don’t want to deliver less to clients.

$250K or bustFinally, I want to finish what I started. I have several clients that are committed to growing their businesses to $250K-$500K by year end and two that are committed to being million dollar businesses by year end and I’m part of the plan. I talk to these people several times a week. I’m involved with their funnels, pipelines, sales calls, prospects and clients. None of them accept mediocrity. None of our engagements extend beyond 12/29/11.

The time is right, but I haven’t answered the question, “Why write about my retirement at all?” It’s actually pretty simple.

Would you like to be part of my last hurrah?

Are you willing to swear off mediocrity?

Is your number $250K, $500K or $1,000,000?

Are you committed to developing long term relationships with your clients?

Are you willing to be held accountable and talk with me several times a week?

Are you willing to learn about yourself and overcome your barriers to success?

Are you willing to learn from those who went before you and apply the lessons learned?

Are you willing to do whatever it takes between now and 12/29/2011 to set 2012 up to be your best year ever?

If any of your answers are, “No.”, thank you for reading

If all of your answers are, “Yes.” and you want my help, send me a calendar invitation and we’ll talk this week. Six of you will be invited to be part of my last hurrah!

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