RainMaker Questions

Kai and Zane stayed over last weekend. This is the way most days start. We went to the Higgins Armory Museum on Friday. It was fun (mostly). So, after they woke up Saturday, Mark called and we met him at Nashoba Valley Ski Area and they had their very first ski lesson. While we were waiting in line for their lesson, I recognized an old friend, Noel Metcalf. I met Noel when he and I were in sales training with Dave Kurlan in the 80’s. He and I were two of the first salespeople that Dave selected to be in his first Black Belt Group. We reminisced about those years and Noel reflected on the fact that he used some of the lessons from our Black Belt Group days in his practice as a ski instructor.

He made comments on Bob’s technique with Kai as we watched and I thought back on that morning, 20 years ago, that Noel taught me how to ski. He taught me how to relax and go with the mountain and although I wasn’t scouted for the Olympics, I could get down the hill.

So, here’s what prompted this post. Noel asked, “So, are you still with Dave, or are you off on your own?” I asked, “What?” He told me that he follows my blog on LinkedIn and he got the feeling that we weren’t getting along. I told him that I definitely was working with Dave, but that Dave really gave me a lot of latitude so that I only worked with clients that I wanted to work with.

But that got me thinking. A lot of bloggers spend a lot of time bashing people. I’ve done it! We write about what somebody’s doing wrong, or how bad a class of people can be, yada, yada, yada. Frankly, it’s negative and I for one am sick of negative. So, here’s the idea.

I am only interested in one kind of salesperson. RainMakers. The kind of person that wants to carry the whole company on their back. The kind of person that builds business relationships to do business, not to have coffee and trade worthless leads. RainMakers are a different breed of cat. You don’t need to make them responsible. They are responsible. They don’t need to be managed. They manage their managers. Marketing for them is Smarketing.

So, let’s make this blog an “idea exchange” for RainMakers and those who want to be RainMakers. Ask how. We’ll answer. Share a technique, a strategy or a mindset that works for you. Let’s share back and forth. If you need more space and want to write a guest post, write it up and send it . If you want to talk about it first, send me an email  and we’ll do that. Who’s first?

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  1. I might was well go first!Read Dan Pink’s book, Drive, and you’ll come to the conclusion that the person with Intrinsic as opposed to Extrinsic Motivation, Type I as opposed to Type X, the person who easily gets in the flow, who needs to be autonomous is…..Rick, and all the rainmakers that Rick prefers to work with!

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