What then?

I went to church today and had a difficult time staying with the sermon. Honestly, he wasn’t a great speaker. After what seemed like an eternity, he said, “One final point…” and made what was supposed to be his final point. Then he went on and I thought, “Oh no!” as he began to relate a story about Malcolm Gladwell talking with a student about his plans for his future. Every time the student stated a goal, Gladwell purportedly asked, “What then?” until the student realizes that he hasn’t reached his first goal and he has to plan his life all over again. I tried to verify the story, but couldn’t. However, doesn’t take away the effectiveness of the exercise.

Think about it. What are you working for? and when you reach it, what then? and when you reach that, what then? and when you reach that, what then? and when you sell your company for a guzillion dollars, what then? and then what?

Is that important enough to be thinking about it today?


Will what you do today have any impact on getting you there?

One thought on “What then?

  1. Now that I have turned 65, your article made me think about my goals. For years I have set goals, hit most of them, changed them if need be and am still setting, resetting them and going for them. One should never stop setting them,changeing them and hitting them. Once we stop then someone hopefully wil set the next goal “what type of casket should we get”.
    Never stop, there is always a next and when there isn’t, they we have made it as far ans we could and we should rest and smile, the day is done.

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