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A few weeks ago, Dave Kurlan was interviewing Chris Mott and myself on Meet the Sales Experts and we were talking about coaching styles and our mindset when we’re coaching salespeople and their managers. First, understand that coaching  is different from sales training. Note as you read their descriptions, they may have different timelines, different goals, but both are necessary to see the best results. So, I received this “Possibility – Be Lucky ” enewsletter on Friday and was reminded of that radio interview, my coaching results and what it takes to grow YOUR sales.

From the enewsletter:

Emily Dickinson says, “I dwell in possibility.”

Benjamin Franklin says, “Diligence is the mother of good luck.”

Luck is a noun that means “a force that makes things happen”
Now the enewsletter also says, “You want more luck? Be the force that makes it happen… ” and if I ended this post here, you might think, it’s not luck. It’s something else. You can’t influence luck. That’s hype. It’s voodoo. IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!

During my aforementioned interview, I explained my coaching process and why it gets such great results.

Most of my clients believe they are different. Their industry is different. Their experience is different and although they wish that I could double, triple or exponentiate their sales, they don’t believe. As a matter of fact, they may believe that it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

If at this point, I tell them that I know what to do and I can definitely help, they dig deeper into the state of impossibility. Making someone like this ready is a four step process and requires that I help them go from:

Impossible to Possible to Probable to Definitely to Done.


My job, as your coach, is to get you to “dwell in possibility” and be diligent about making the little changes that I ask you to do long enough so that luck takes over and makes things happen. Sometimes it happens in a few days. Sometimes it takes a few weeks, but it always happens. Want to double your sales in 90 days?

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