The Original RainMaker Maker Blog Returns

On Wednesday, I received this message through my Facebook account.

“hi rick…..i am reaching out to you in total desperation in not knowing the best way to handle a very difficult situation. any chance you could give me a couple of minutes time in a phone conversation???? it is regarding a mass exodus of customers who are switching to another ….”

On Friday, I received this message through my LinkedIn account.

Subject: Help! Hey you around today? I need to be smacked around a little!

So, why doesn’t this story belong on my other blog?

This is only two examples of thousands of business owners that are stuck. Some know that they’re stuck. Some don’t know that they’re stuck and some deny that they’re stuck. Think about these questions.

Do you have debt and do you wish that you didn’t?

Do you think that there’s a ‘code of ethics’ in your industry and that your competitors wouldn’t like to put you out of business? Do you get pissed off when one of your competitors doesn’t play by your rules?

Do you have a revenue goal this year, with benchmarks, an action plan to reach it and are you on target?

Do you know what your org chart will look like in 2015? Do you know what your role in your company will be?

Have you had a million dollar year? What’s your net? $250K? $100K? $30K?

I had a one hour conversation with a new client and grew commissions from $800/week to $2,400/week. One conversation ! Are you making $40K/year? Would you like to make $120K/year?

I have a client that says I took him from $30,000/year to $30,000/month in three months. I have a client that did $600K the year before we started. They did $1.3 million the first year and $2.8 the second year.

This blog will be for and about business owners that don’t want to be victims. That are tired of pretending. That will stop talking and do whatever it takes to get be whatever they can imagine.

Welcome aboard! Please share this with your friends that own businesses.

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