RainMaker Development Webinar Series (for Owners Only)

Most business owners –

  • are not salespeople.
  • are passionate about what they do.
  • need to sell before they have something to bill.
  • don’t have the time, money or desire to become a professional salesperson.
  • need help now, not over the next 12-18 months.
  • have other things to do, so ‘selling’ time is very limited.

The economy has begun to come back. Now is the time to re-double your efforts. The opportunities that are in your pipeline may show signs of life. Networking and prospecting efforts will provide new opportunities. This webinar series is a special program that’s been designed specifically for owners and partners. It is not available to professional salespeople or salespeople that are part of a company that has multiple salespeople. Everyone in the program will be the owner or a partner in their small firm. You will be exposed to the same training that the Kurlan team provides to companies over six to twelve months, but in an accelerated, compressed format tailored specifically for the needs of your growing business.

You will learn –

  • why and how owners sell differently than employee salespeople.
  • what has been ‘getting in your way’ and how to fix it.
  • how to develop compelling Positioning Statements that will engage prospects immediately.
  • how to convert more of your networking contacts and leads into viable opportunities.
  • how to get more appointments with better qualified prospects than ever before.
  • how to make your sales process more effective.
  • how to convert more of your opportunities into paying customers.
  • how to adapt the four bases of Baseline Selling to your world.
  • how to eliminate objections and avoid commodity selling
  • how to apply this knowledge to your business, in this economy, right now, to make the fourth quarter the strongest of 2009 and set yourself up for an incredible 2010.

This special offering includes:

  • a series of eight one hour webinars offered once per week for eight weeks.
  • your own personal, entrepreneurial version, on-line, sales assessment.
  • training materials (PDF/workbook).
  • access to our email help desk for specific questions, applications or situations.
  • plus four totally interactive web sessions that will allow you to debrief and analyze a past selling situation, strategize and role play an upcoming sales call with one of our development experts.

The first webinar will be Wednesday, September 9th October 7th at Noon (ET). Subsequent webinars will be on subsequent Wednesdays at Noon (ET).  Email Rick Roberge before 9/3 10/1 to ask questions and/or register at eventbrite.