Referrals – Introductions – Endorsements

I received this email today.


A friend of my and hostess at the restaurant is starting a gardening business, she is cc’d on this email
Marshall has been kind enough to offer some guidance on insurance quotes.
Also, please see Marshall’s response below # 8 as you were brought in to the mix as someone that may be able to help them out with a letter of engagement.
Also, Kirstyn and the ladies would most likely appreciate any thoughts you may have on how to bring in sales leads to the business. not sure how you handle generating sales leads for this type of business.

Kirstyn like I have been stressing to you my biggest concern for you guys is bringing in enough business for the three of you……..listen to my Dad on any advice he may have on sales he is very good at this.

Dad, thanks for the help in advance.


Whether you call this a referral, introduction, or endorsement, think about the power in the way he did it.

I am a very proud father!

2 thoughts on “Referrals – Introductions – Endorsements

  1. first of all you should be proud! secondly it just shows how leads can come from anywhere once you have established yourself as being trusted and capable – which you are.

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