So, last night, Vic & Tina came over. Wine. Sushi. Wine. Dinner. Wine. Coffee. Brownies. Wine. and scotch.

At one point, Vic said, “I didn’t expect you to put my email on your blog.” Then we started talking about how he was gonna waste spend $1,000 on advertising for new clients the first two weeks that he was in St. Croix. So, I asked him if he had read the rest of the post. I also asked where in the post did I suggest to spend ANY money on advertising. Then I asked him why he wouldn’t spend the money finding events where his prospects would hang out and he could meet them. Chamber events, networking groups, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, after hours, before hours, expos, yada, yada, yada. Set up meetings using LinkedIn, Plaxo, etc. Read and comment to blogs that originate in St. Croix. Check out Topix.

Long story short, after Tina and Elaine rolled their eyes enough, we decided to stop talking shop, but Victor ended with,”I guess that I’ll be reading about this tomorrow on your blog. I’m gonna start calling you The Blogfather“. Immediately, I heard the music and saw Vito Corleone’s face.

Or maybe, I’m a genie….Your wish is my command!

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