What is commitment? Why is it important? Dave Kurlan writes about it often. OMG evaluates for it. We look for it in our clients.

Why? Here’s an example.

We are in Day 2 of our Recession Busting Boot Camp. Yesterday, one of the attendees left at 1:30 (it was pre-arranged and OK with his manager and CEO) to attend a concert in Manhattan. The concert tickets were a gift from his girl friend and were purchased before he was enrolled in the Boot Camp. He promised to be back for all of Day 2.

Here’s the whole story. He left the Westboro training facility, drove to Albany area to pick up his girl friend, drove to Manhattan to see the concert, drove his girl friend back to Albany after the concert and hit his pillow at 2:45 AM. Got up at 5 AM to be the first one to arrive at the Westboro training facility, ready to go at 8:30 AM.

850 miles…………….2 hours sleep.

How’s his commitment?

Will he do whatever it takes?

Will he get it done?

Would you hire him?

Would you marry him?

2 thoughts on “COMMITMENT!

  1. His career looks promising and so does the commitment to his girlfriend — lucky girl……..Lets hope he stays on track ..and…awake.

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