Are You Change Ready?

Or are you gonna continue doing what you’re doing because you know how to do it even though IT’S NOT WORKING !?!?!?

I read Dave Kurlan’s post tonight about why some companies see results more quickly than others. Bottom line…They want to change and they’re ready! Great post, Dave! It got me to thinking about some real people.

Last week I bumped into this guy. He was with his boss. Two peas in a pod. Couldn’t get away quickly enough.

While I was searching for his post, I found the post about Sir. I wonder if he’s still in business.

Then I found this post which is actually a better example. These two bozos paid us and never stopped fighting us.

OK. Enough negativity. Let’s end on a positive note that’s another great example. Read this.

In case I haven’t said it lately, thank you for reading.

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