Learning from Bloggers

First, thank you for reading. Blogging is kind of like being on the radio. You wonder if anybody’s out there. I enjoy the feedback that I get, both as comments to the blog as well as private emails and real conversations about specific posts.

As you may know, I read other blogs. Some are inspiring. Some offer other points of view. Some, I learn from and remember, when you’re learning, you’re growing. I want to thank some other bloggers for their contributions.

Pete Caputa would blush if I wrote all the ways that he’s influenced my blogging and attitude about blogging. He taught me about links, aggregators, blog-versations, blog-quaintences, and so many other things. When someone tells me that they’re not getting value from the internet, I tell them about my son, Mark and introduce them to Pete.

Michael Kreppein‘s written two posts recently that are great examples of how you can get learn from a blog. Many salespeople recognize the value of a networking, referrals and introductions. Michael blends virtuality with reality with his on-line referral machine.

Many of you might consider Trish Bertuzzi to be a competitor of mine. We could compete. We choose not to, but we do get different points of view from each other. Check out Tip #2. It reminded me of Frank with his 6 at 6. He went through a period where he left 6 voicemail messages for 6 CEO’s between 6 and 6:06 AM. If you were a CEO and you got a voicemail message at 6 AM, what would you think?

These are only 4 of the 50+ blogs that I read. Few post every day and honestly, I don’t ALWAYS read every word. You can see the list of blogs that I read by going to my main page and clicking the Blogs I Read link in the right column.

Do any of your competitors, vendors, friends, allies, resources, consultants, etc. have a blog, e-newsletter, or other web presence that you can learn from or that can help you keep an eye on them?

2 thoughts on “Learning from Bloggers

  1. Thanks Rick. As you know, you’ve influenced my whole life in a variety of very positive ways. You showed me how to make a great living really helping people, which has skyrocketed my career and made it possible for me to support my family. I don’t think I can thank you enough for that. Re: my tutelage on blogging, you’re a natural. I wish more of my students were like you and Trish. You dive in and you make it happen.

  2. Rick, your simple post just cost me an hour – and I learned a lot! Clicking through to Tip #2 on Trish’s blog, 2 entries later I click on Pete’s link in his comments there, 4-5 entries later there I’m reading Ray’s guest blog on starting Deja Brew and thinking “I have an appointment on Rt. 9 in Shrewsbury next Friday – Deja Brew here I come!”.But, uh, Deja Brew’s not all I learned about. Really!Tom

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